Goat Antics

Just about everyone knows the old stereotype about goats, they eat everything. I remember a book I read a long time ago and the only thing I remember about it was an old billy goat ate tin cans and old cars, not logical right. Well I have found this stereotype to not be true,  while my goats do like to “check” everything out, usually with their mouths, they don’t always eat it. They don’t eat feed bags, rags or dewormer, they definitely don’t eat tin cans or cars.  If I’m sitting at kid level the kids like to pull my hair, they grab it in their mouths and they pull.. ouch, but they don’t eat it.  Goats are curious, very.. very.. curious,  leave something where they can see it they will walk over or jump up to check it out, and if there is another animal that’s not of the same species like ducks or dogs they are super interested in trying to start a new friendship, well sometimes, our mama doe is not so keen on dogs.

Aphrodite the goat meets Honey the chihuahua

My goats recently discovered the front porch. While I had them out and about in the yard I stepped away to get something to drink when I came back they had climbed the stairs and were waiting patiently for me at the door.

The herd waiting for me at the front door.

A great thing about goats is they never cease to amuse and entertain me, with their goat antics.

I never saw myself as someone who would raise goats, now I don’t know why it took me so long.


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