Keeping Records

Record keeping is a very important part of raising animals of any kind. Keeping track of goat records is no different. Birth dates, breeding dates, vaccinations, deworming, along with breed, color and identifying marks, will at some point become necessary information if your doing everything right.  And should you decide to sell your animals you will look more professional and not just a fly by night operation if you know your animals.  I made my own forms That I will share with you.

The doe form doe-record has sections for vaccinations/deworming dates, medication used and the dose. Hoof trimming date and kidding date plus there is sections for minerals and supplements. The buck form buck-record is the same minus the kidding date section.  For the animal specifications I have a line for name/number, breed, DOB, Dam, Sire  number in the litter, birth weight, purchase date, color/marking and if the goat is horned.

There is also a section for remarks, and this could be anything.  Each one of my goats has their own needs and personality, if it was ever needed I could jot down a simple note, Sugarfoot is prone to bloat, Artemis is loud and follows me around alot, Iris and Hera are spunky. If at any point their attitude changed either from a sickness or they were close to kidding I could review my notes and see the personality changes. Speaking of close to kidding, Junes attitude changed slightly the closer she got to her kidding date, now for her next birth I can pull out my notes and see what her tell tale signs were when she had me going crazy with impatience.

You could also use the section for feed amounts, what the does get may not be what the buck gets or needs.

And should anyone ever animal sit for you, these will come in handy.

You can make your own forms or simply write it down in a notebook. Since I’ve started buying goats, I’ve seen different ways of record keeping, mostly notebooks seem to do the trick, but I’m a picky person who just had to have a fancy form.

I should mention my forms have our ranch name on them so you may not be able to print out and use, but you should be able to change that before you print if you enable editing.





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