Ranch life

Lets be honest, who really wants to get out of bed in the mornings? The only time I have ever wanted to get up, I was a kid, and it was Christmas day.
Now, as a fully functioning adult, I am required to drag myself out of bed every day, not only for myself, but for the living beings I care for.
On days I’m working at my job I sometimes become strapped for time and forego things like eating breakfast so I can get those extra couple of minutes of sleep and still have time to feed all the animals before leaving for work.
When I get up I have 2 cats who are under foot bugging me for something, I still haven’t figured out what, and 4 dogs who are trying to hold it until I can get them all outside, which is a very difficult task, especially for a sleepy owner. At some point, after I’m done getting ready for work I am tasked with getting those 4 dogs back in the house in one piece. On my way out the driveway I’m stopping to feed and water livestock and poultry. All of which has to be done in a timely manner, and hopefully there is nothing awry to mess with my planned schedule. In the past I’ve dealt with horses with new cuts, or goats with their heads stuck in fences, here lately it has been keeping a close eye on June, the VERY pregnant mama goat.
Now, in an aid to have our land make money for us, we will be adding to our livestock numbers, not only with more goats but also with cows and pigs, how exciting. My ultimate goal is to get enough out of the animals that I can just quit my regular job and spend my time at home taking care of the critters. To get to that point is going to take time of course, so until we get there I’ve been running through my mind how my days are going to go and I’m mentally preparing myself for the hard work in my future. I’ll be honest I’m partially freaking out a bit. I’m thinking about the startup cost, and I’m having an inner struggle with spending several hundred dollars now to not see a return on it right away.
In the past I have gotten overwhelmed with the number of animals I was caring for, there was a higher number of horses, chickens, and dogs.
There is always a learning period with new animals, I spend weeks learning everything I can about the animal I will be raising, this is no different since I know nothing about pigs other than they give you bacon and they root up truffles. So in between studying for my real estate license and actually working I have to fit in learning about pigs.¬† I’m worried about the amount of time out of each day this is going to require from me, and also the amount of time to transport animals to auctions, I’m also trying to do the numbers, which I’m not good at, to see how much we can actually make at this.
My newest worry is typical for an animal lover like myself and it’s the thought of taking my babies to auction, right now I just can’t stand it.
I’m trying to give it to God so I don’t have to worry so much but I can’t help it, this is a huge undertaking and I’m just trying to deal.
I’ve always wanted to do this, I just saw myself being a stay at home mom/wife with time to handle it all.
I think this is why there are RANCHERS they stay at home and run their ranch, they don’t have to juggle ranching and working a full time job.
God Help Me.


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